Friday, July 22, 2016


   SATURDAY, JULY 23RD., 2016
              YARD WORK!

    The heat was oppressive. But there
was no doubt about it. Our grass needed
to be cut.
     Who you gonna call?   Ryan! Our
grandson! But this time he called us!
      Realizing it had been awhile since
the last time he aided us with yard work
he called to ask if we might need
      Ironically my wife and I had just
talked about that possibility about an
hour earlier! Great minds do seem to
think alike!
       Ryan has always been willing to
lend a helping hand and my wife is
especially happy to have his hands
help with the yard work!
        I'm sure that part of that feeling
stems from the fact that I, on occasion,
have mowed down things that were
not suppose to be cut. You know.
Flowers, plants, even the electric cord
that powers the lawn mower. And,
No, that was not intentional!
       I am now limited to holding the
cord as Ryan operates the mower.
I'm pretty good at that although I
sometimes balk when I get close
to the part where the electrical tape
covers the spot where the two ends
I snipped are spliced together.
       Anyhow, I didn't have to stay
out for an hour. The grass is neatly cut.
The flowers and plants are intact. And
the cord is still in one piece (unless
you count the splice!)
       Hope you've got a good gardener
like my grandson and that all your
NEWS is good!

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