Monday, July 18, 2016


  TUESDAY, JULY 19TH., 2016
            MOVING ART!

      Art is everywhere! There was
a time when one wanting to enjoy
artwork would have to go to a big
city museum or, perhaps, travel
to places like Florence.
      Then local galleries gained
popularity. And look at places
like downtown Pittston where
huge murals grace several buildings
and an "art walk" brings people to
town on the second Friday of each
      Yes, art can be very moving.
In fact I caught some that was
moving the other day...literally.
It was at a railroad crossing!
      As my wife counted the
cars passing in front of us I
noticed how man of the freight
cars had been turned in murals
on wheels!
      It was amazing. In so many
ways. First there were so few
cars not covered in some kind
of graffiti. Second, some of the
art work was really very good.
And some was so involved
you've got to wonder how in
the world the artist had that much
time to work on a full sized railroad
boxcar undetected!
      So, next time you're feeling
you'd like to take in some fancy
art work...just wait for the gates
to go down and the train to roll
      Hope you enjoy the show
and that all your NEWS is good!

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