Friday, July 8, 2016


    SATURDAY, JULY 9TH., 2016

     One of the great things about
watching my newest grandson
approach his first full year is
watching him discover things
for the first time.
     On Friday, for instance, he
joined his sister, cousin, dad,
and me at Claws & Paws, a
wild animal farm in the
      It's the first time he's seen
lions, and tigers, and bears
(oh my). I watched as he
watched, generally expressionless.
He just sort of took them in,
perhaps wondering why he
couldn't pet them like his trusty
dog back at home.
      He was, perhaps, most
impressed by the screeching
of the exotic birds that cut
through the air. But even then
he just sort of stared at them
wondering what all the noise
was all about!
     Then came Kundla's!
It's a bar-b-q rib grill in
Hamlin that has become a
regular stop for our family
whenever we're in that area.
     We each got an order of
Pork ribs and my son
introduced his son to the
taste we've all come to love!
      Maybe he was just
starved. But my grandson's
face immediately displayed
Love at First Bite! I think
he'll be a regular!
      Hope he saves some
for me and that all your
NEWS is good!

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