Tuesday, July 19, 2016


    WEDNESDAY, JULY 19TH., 2016
           DO GHOSTS GET HOT?

      Some of us get chills when we hear
a good Ghost story. But my question is,
do ghosts get hot?
       Every now and then our travels
take us by an old house that seems
the perfect setting for a ghost story.
We found one on Tuesday as we
enjoyed a top down ride not far
from "metropolitan Shickshinny."
       If I were searching for a haunted
house this one would definitely be in
the running. A huge old tree nearly
hid the place from a rural road that
passed in front.
       The property was overgrown
with vegetation including moss and
grass that hung off the porch roof.
        But then we noticed the air
conditioner in the center, second
floor window! No moss. No grass.
Could it be a recent addition to this
old place?
        Other than the AC unit there
was no sign anybody "lived" there.
Perhaps just ghost hoping to beat
the heat? Oh well......that's the
        Hope no one's actually
"stone cold" and that all your
NEWS is good!


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