Monday, July 25, 2016


  TUESDAY, JULY 26TH., 2016

     These hot humid days of late
have been keeping a wife very
       She's got a collection of
flowers and plants growing in
the front and back yard as well
as in numerous pots and
containers scattered about the
place. Two have even be
planted inside an old pair of
the work boots I used to wear
whenever it snowed.
       A fair collection of gallon
milk jugs, now filled with
water, have been set out on
the porch for easy access. And
there's the hose, of course, to
cover the flower beds.
       All of this equipment was
ready during yesterday's heat
spell when, suddenly, a far
more powerful watering
system opened up nearly downing
the flora and fauna (the wild
cats) around our place!
       In some areas, mostly north
and east of us, streets, cars, and
basements were watered as well.
        Hope I don't need those
boots and that all your NEWS is good!

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