Friday, July 29, 2016


  SATURDAY, JULY 30TH., 2016
            LOOK AHEAD!

       I had a tough time getting to
Walmart last evening.
       Penndot, which is repairing
every bridge on which Interstate
81 crosses anything (at least it
seems that way) is demolishing
a bridge over Route 315 near
the store.
       The detour was just being
set up as I approached. So I,
like a lot of other drivers, found
myself caught between a road
block and a traffic jam.
        Like a lot of those other
drivers I discovered the best
option was an old fashion U
turn to back track to my
        Had I thought of it in
advance I told have checked
one of the many traffic
cameras Penndot has set up
so you can look at your route,
or something close to it, before
you head out.
       I checked it out when I
got home. By that time it was
dark. But the cameras were
operating (at least several of
them were) so I could see that
section of Interstate 81 near
where I had just traveled.
        They even offer streaming
video. That seems like kind of a
waste because streaming video
allows you to see moving
traffic. The last traffic I saw
on Interstate 81 wasn't moving.
Still pictures would have served
to tell the story.
        Apparently, by the time
I checked, all was well again
because no traffic problems
were in sight, Maybe I should
have waited till dark.
        Next time I'll have to
remember to look ahead before
I go. Maybe I'll even wave to
the cameras while I'm sitting
in traffic, or passing by.
        Hope you got where you
were going and that all your
NEWS is good!

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