Monday, July 4, 2016


    TUESDAY, JULY 5TH., 2016
             LOOKING UP!

      A lot of us have been looking
up over the past couple of days.
The Independence Day holiday
always gives us good reason to
do so.
      In our area the fireworks
displays began Friday night and
continued right on through the
      And, if you didn't get out
to see any, you could enjoy them
from the comfort of your own
home as Macy's gigantic New
York city display and Washington
D.C.'s pyrotechnic display timed
with the Boston Pops were
broadcast and rebroadcast on
     I found myself looking
up in te middle of the day
yesterday. But it wasn't the
rocket's glare that caught my
    It was a small aircraft pulling
a banner through the sky!
    In New Jersey you see them
over the beach all the time
pulling advertisements for local
nightspots and restaurants.
     But yesterday, about the
borough of Wyoming, the
banner I spotted carried
Birthday greetings for my old
friend and former colleague,
Frank "Scooter" Cerreta!
     Frank's birthday was
actually a day earlier. But
somebody thought the
celebration of his 80th year
was well worth an aerial display!
I'd have to agree. And Frank's
always been quite a "firecracker"
     Hope you got to see it, that
his Birthday was great, and that
all your NEWS is good!

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