Saturday, July 9, 2016


    SUNDAY, JULY 10TH., 2016
             BUYING TIME!

       My wife and I had a yen to get
back on the road Saturday. A light
breeze provided some of nature's
air conditioning so we put the top
down in the Miata and started out.
        Dark clouds filled the sky to
our north. So we headed south
with no particular destination in
mind. We passed several of those
neighborhood Yard Sales. But my
wife rejected my invitations to stop
and shop so we continued on.
         We were on Route 11, still
southbound, when my wife
wondered whether our favorite
orchard, Heller's in Wapwallopen,
might have peaches for sale. We
headed that way to find out.
        Sure enough we found
peaches for sale when we arrived.
But we also found another Yard
Sale, right there at the Produce
        I spotted the sewing machine
pretty quickly but didn't say a
word. My wife noticed it a couple
minutes later. A good looking machine
that had been used very little as its
owner quickly gave up the desire to
       The price seemed very reasonable
but, though my wife showed some
interest, she said "no" to my offer to
buy it.
       We know the owners of the
orchard and spent some time visiting
them before heading back on the
road. Once again I offered to buy
the sewing machine. Once again
my wife, reluctantly I believe,
        As we headed out we found
a distraught gentleman standing
outside his locked pickup truck,
the motor still running. We
offered our cellphone (he had
OnStar, but it was in the truck
along with his keys) but I had no
service. We went back to the
store and asked the owner to
call for assistance. The driver
tried the old coat hanger trick.
But it didn't work. He eventually
used the store phone to call his
wife so he could get his second
sent of keys delivered, hopefully
before he ran out of gas.
     After some time and realizing
we could be of no further help we
started out again.
      That's when the owner of the
sewing machine shouted out another
reduced price. We had bought just
enough buy the machine!
      Every drive is a new adventure!
      Hope the guy got in his truck,
that the stitches sew straight, and
that all your NEWS is good!


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