Wednesday, July 13, 2016


       THURSDAY, JULY 14TH., 2016

      Our first born grand daughter turned
15 this week!
      While some teenagers tend to shy
away from family events this young
lady embraces them and often prompts
the ideas for such gatherings.
       Thus it was she decided her Birthday
party should be built around a tie-dying
       So, before the cake was cut and the
candles extinguished, family and friends
found themselves standing around an
outside table wearing aprons and
preparing to soak rubber band bound T
Shirts with dyes of all colors.
        I was somewhat amazed by all
the planning and materials since I have
been know to stain many of my shirts
with various colors (mainly food
related) on a regular basis without
any of those accessories!
        Additionally, you can see my
stains immediately and, sometimes
for weeks if my wife doesn't see them
        You have to wait to see the tie-
dye results so there's a bit of the
unknown involved here. I usually
know how my colors turn out
depending on whether I've consumed
spaghetti or just plain grease from a
         In any case my grand daughter's
plan seems to have worked out well.
My wife sported her Tie-Die T-shirt
last evening and I must admit it looks
a lot better than my sport short with
the mustard spot!
         Hope I remember to use a
napkin next time and that all your
NEWS is good!

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