Sunday, July 17, 2016


  MONDAY, JULY 18TH., 2016

     We were at my grand daughter's
soccer game when the plane pulling
the banner flew overhead. It read....
Plane rides-Car Show Today 40
Fort Airport.
       I wasn't really thinking too
much about it. After the game some
of the family gathered at my son and
daughter-in-law's house where my
boy fired up the grill and loaded it
with hamburgers and hit dogs.
       But as I was eating another
plane flew overhead. It was a Bi-
plane. You know. The kind with
one high wing and one low one.
Similar to the ones that shot King
Kong off the Empire State Building
in two movies!
        Since we were just a few blocks
from the airport I thought I'd break
away for a few minutes to get a
closer look. I wasn't disappointed!
         Even though I missed some
of the cars at the show a few of
the classics were still around to
remind me of the days when
Sports cars came mainly from
Britain and could be purchased
for under $3,000!
          As for the planes the
Wyoming Valley Airport boasts
two trainers from World War II
and a third used for training in
the Viet Nam era. Like the
Sports cars, the aircraft are in
fantastic shape!
          I'm pretty sure the Bi-
Plane could still handle Kong
if they make another movie!
I love to see them keeping
the classics going.....partly
because I am one!
         Hope you get a chance
to see them some time and that
all your NEWS is good!


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