Saturday, July 30, 2016


SUNDAY, JULY 31ST., 2016

    I can just imagine what the
neighbors must have been
thinking when the fire truck
pulled up to my son and daughter-
in-law's house Saturday afternoon.
     They know my boy likes to
grill and probably figured he had
finally carried his well done
burgers a bit too far.
     But no! The firemen were
responding to a Birthday party!
Too many candles? No again.
The Birthday boy is just turning
      But Firemen and Fire trucks
were the theme for this "first in
a life time experience" and two
volunteers from the Wyoming
Fire Department brought their
truck round because, in still
another way, they wanted to serve
their community!
        They allowed all the "kids'
at the party to check out the fire
engine and all their gear and even
brought along a fire coat, helmet,
model extinguisher and toy fire
truck for my grandson who was
the guest of honor at this
particular party.
        You don't have to rush into
a burning building to be a hero...
as these two volunteers proved
to all the party guests! Thank
you gentlemen!
        Hope you stay safe while
serving and that all your NEWS
is good!


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