Friday, July 15, 2016


    SATURDAY, JULY 16TH., 2016
                   HOT DOG!!!
  It has arrived dear friends!
  The third Saturday of July!
  The month is most famous, of course,
for Independence Day. If you live in a
neighborhood like mine there are still
idiots (I mean people) celebrating that
holiday with their seemingly unending
supply of fireworks.
   But it's not the only holiday this month!
   And you've got to be impressed with
some of the others,
    Today is a prime example!
    Today is National Hot Dog Day!
    Hot dogs are big around these parts!
    In 2011, for instance, Harrisburg and
Scranton were tied for 10th place in the
nation for the Top Hot Dog consuming
   Heck...the "Electric City" has two
Coney Island restaurants within a block
of one another and they're competitors!
   Of course Scranton isn't the only place
where hot dogs are being sold!
   According to the National Hot Dog and
Sausage Council  (By the way how do you'
get elected to that council?)  more that 700
million packages of hot dogs were sold in
retail stores last year. And that does not
include Walmart which does not report
sales date!
    Hot dogs have become part of American
culture! We even sing about them....."Hot
Dogs, Armor hot dogs, what kind of kid eats
Armor hot dogs?" Or..."Baseball, Hot Dogs,
Apple Pie, and Chevrolet."
   Two of my grand kids actually had a
chance to check out a Hot Dog Icon a
couple years ago...the Oscar Mayer
    And back to Independence Day. It's a
good bet many of you enhanced your
celebration with a few dogs thrown on the
    So, today we celebrate the Hot Dog!
    Hope you've got the mustard ready and
that all your NEWS is good!

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