Saturday, July 23, 2016


      SUNDAY, JULY 24TH., 2016
      DID YOU HEAR THAT!!! ???

         It was one very impressive
competition! Drivers with some
of the most powerful car audio systems
you've ever seen came to Dupont
Saturday to "sound off!"
         A new business, "Audio
X T C," hosted the event which
attracted drivers from Pennsylvania,
New York, and New Jersey.
        Each driver took his or her
turn pulling their car up to the
garage where microphones linked
to a computer were affixed to the
inside of their windshields. When
they were ready they blasted their
speakers as loud as possible to
determine whose system generated
the most sound!
        The hosts did set a maximum
limit so the reverberation didn't
break any nearby windows!
         These folks are very serious
about their woofers and tweeters!
And to insure the bulk of their
sound stays inside their vehicles
during competition they even
have associates sit on top so most
of the vibrations are contained!
         The cars and trucks look
great and their sound systems
are very elaborate! The drivers
were very happy to see a
competition held locally and
I suspect there will be more!
         I was tempted to pull my
Miata into the line and turn up
my stereo as high as I could.
Then I realized I had little or
no chance. My top was down
so nobody could sit on top
even if I wanted them too.
        Besides, how much
sound could I generate with
my cd of oldies!
        I really enjoyed seeing,
and hearing, these friendly
competitors. Hope this new place
does well and that all your NEWS
is good!


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