Sunday, July 3, 2016


   MONDAY, JULY 4TH., 2016
           A GOOD BET!

     Sometimes you just know! I
returned from a family outing at
Knoebels last evening and I just
knew. I should have turned into
the Casino and place a bet. I
just knew there would be fireworks
in the air last night!
      In fact some of them actually
came from the Casino. Or, at least
the racetrack next to the casino.
      There were others. I couldn't
tell where all of them were being
launched. But you had a good
chance of seeing some no matter
which direction you were looking!
       But the fireworks from Mohegan
Sun are the most impressive to us.
And it's not just a matter of seeing
       We're about a half mile, as the
crow flies, from the casino and
racetrack. We're also downwind.
The explosions from those "bombs
bursting in air" can literally rattle
our neighborhood and send even
the herds of cats into hiding!
       Then, now long after the big
finale, the sulfur stench of the
spent explosives drifts over our
place sometimes sending me to
my inhaler!
        But, make no mistake, the
aerial display is impressive and
I enjoy least the one
coming from the casino. Those
fire off by the rest of the night
from neighborhoods all across
the area are a little less welcome.
Especially around 2am!
        Hope you enjoy the rockets
red glare, Independence day, and
a lot of goof NEWS!

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