Thursday, July 14, 2016


   FRIDAY, JULY 15TH., 2016
            PLAY DAY!

     My wife and I and teenaged
grand daughter took our two
youngest grand kids to the
playground yesterday. This
three to two ratio gives us
"older kids" a fighting chance
to catch up with the younger
     Playgrounds have changed
a lot since I used to visit them
as a kid. Back then when you
fell down you knew it and
usually took evidence in the
form of scrapped knees or
torn jeans home with you.
      These days you either
brush off the soft wooded
chips on bounce off the
rubberized surface!
      The sliding boards are
essentially the same as they
used to be. Except modern
plastics have done away with
the splinters that we used to get
on the old wooden ones.
     In fact most everything in
today's playgrounds is made of
some sort of hard plastic
designed to stand the test of
time and most of the abuse
the kids can hand out.
     It's good to see other folks
out there with their kids and
grandkids too. Far better than
seeing those kids sit around with
headphones or Smartphones!
     It's fun to see the little ones
comedown the slide then try to
climb back up the way they
just came down! Some things
never change!
      Now if only we can keep
up with them!
       Hope we can and that all
your NEWS is good!

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