Monday, July 11, 2016


    TUESDAY, JULY 12TH., 2016

     Regular readers may remember
my recent post about the Priority
Mail package I sent to a friend in
Binghamton, New York.
     Tracking showed my mail
going from Pittston, to Buffalo
New York, then off to Grand
Rapids, Michigan before eventually
making it's way to my friend's
      Well I either have too much
faith in people or I'm a very slow
      On Friday I mailed another
Priority Mail package to a friend
in Cape May County, New Jersey.
I was very pleased to see the
expected delivery was listed as
the very next day! That's pretty
good service....if it works.
      Again, I tracked my
package and noted it had arrived
in Philadelphia the evening I
sent it out. Given that Philly is
within two hours of Cape May
County New Jersey that one
day delivery seemed pretty
       That's why I was more than
just a bit surprised when I
checked again Saturday morning
and saw that my package had
gone from Philadelphia to
Mesquite, Texas!
         Now I will admit I have
no idea exactly where Mesquite
Texas is. But I'm pretty sure it's
nowhere near anyplace in New
        I wonder if Postal officials
have considered bringing back
the Pony Express. I suspect it
might have been a lot more
dependable than Priority Mail!
       Hope my buddy gets his
package eventually...and that
all your NEWS is good!

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