Sunday, July 24, 2016


   MONDAY JULY 25TH., 2016

     Bob has been my friend since
First grade! His wife became my
wife's friend the first time they met.
      But Bob and his wife live in
upstate New York so we don't get
to see each other as often as we'd
      On Sunday, however, our
long lasting friendship and mutual
appreciation for classic cars and
airplanes brought us and some of
my family together near the quaint
Susquehanna community of Eagle's
      The airfield just outside of town
is now home to a beautiful Air &
Auto Museum!
       What a treat to see airplanes
from the early 1900's preserved like
new and in air worthy condition!
On Sunday's several of them took
to the sky just as they did in days
of old!
       And if that weren't enough
there's a huge building packed
with classic cars that look as though
they've just come off the assembly
line! I had a couple of those "back
in the day." Wish I still had them.
       While my cars didn't last my
friendship with Bob did and still
does. We celebrated that by
enjoying the memories then sharing
a picnic lunch at the nearby World's
End State Park!
        Days like that really make
life worth living!
        Hope you enjoy a few too so
that all your NEWS is good!

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