Saturday, July 2, 2016


     SUNDAY, JULY 3RD., 2016

     My daughter-in-law invited my
wife and I to join her, her sister,
two grandkids, and some close
friends to go strawberry picking
on Saturday.
      I wasn't sure why we needed
so many people. Usually I just
go to the Fruit department at
Walmart and pick the container
of strawberries I like all by
      But, as it turns out, strawberries
don't come from Walmart! They grow
in fields like the one we visited in
Noxen. The folks that own the place
allow civilians like us to take empty
containers into the field and fill them
with strawberries you pick yourself.
       First they weigh your empty
containers so when they're filled
they'll know the weight of the
berries picked and can charge
        Fortunately they did not
weight me before I entered the
field. You see it's not unusual
for the pickers to eat a berry or
two (or three, or so) while they're
in the field.
         The kids had it a little
easier picking than I. You see
they're a lot closer to the ground.
         But in the end we came
away with quite a haul and I
enjoyed a bowl right before
          Hope I can get the stains
off my fingers and that all your
NEWS is good!


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