Tuesday, July 5, 2016


     WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH., 2016

      A few of us joined the ranks of
Pickers last weekend as we found
ourselves in a field gathering
Strawberries, raspberries and
blackberries too.
       What I didn't know at the
time was that July is National
Blueberry Month! And that's
official! It was proclaimed so in
1999 by then U.S. Secretary of
Agriculture Dan Glickman.
        I've been picking Blueberries
since I was a kid. I think. I'm not
really sure because they could
have been Huckleberries!
        The first time I heard the
term "Huckleberry" I was listening
to the late Phil Rizzuto broadcasting
a Yankee game. Anytime some
player did something wrong he
called them a Huckleberry. I thought
he's the guy who named the berries.
         Now I come to find out there
are actually about 40 species of
Huckleberry and only about 20
species of Blueberry.
         We have a bush in our back
yard and we've been picking and
eating its fruit for years. But now
I'm not sure if it's a Blueberry or
a Huckleberry bush. So I'm not
sure if I should celebrate or not! Guess
it doesn't really matter. They're not
ripe yet! When they are we'll
pick them and eat them!
          Hope your fruit is fresh
and your NEWS is good!


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