Wednesday, July 27, 2016


       THURSDAY, JULY 28TH., 2016

     That paraphrase from the movie "JAWS"
 came to me the other night as I picked up
 a book on the movie recommended by my
 former TV colleague Alan Brocavich.
      Truth be told I've always enjoyed the
movie. But I don't have quite the obsession
my family seems to envision.
       Alan told me about the book "Jaws Log"
because it contains references to an accident
that took place on Chappaquiddick Island
back in 1969 involving the late Senator Ted
Kennedy and a young Luzerne County
woman, Mary Jo Kopechne who lost her
life in that mishap. I became involved in
that story when I testified in Luzerne County
Court at a hearing involving her death.
         And yet, ironically, as I began to read
the book the movie "JAWS" began to run
on the TV just across the room! Heck of a
coincidence don't you think?
           And how about this....though the
movie is a work of fiction the script also
includes the true story of the USS Indianapolis,
the ship that delivered the Atomic Bomb to
be dropped on Japan.
            The ship was sunk while returning
from it's mission and many of the men who
survived the sinking were killed by sharks!
             The anniversary of that sinking is
this Saturday!
              If we really wanted to get into
all these stories...we're gonna need a
bigger blog!
              Anyway, I'll keep reading and
watching and probably listening for that
ominous music they always play when
the shark is getting close!
               I have to be careful! I've caught
a couple sand sharks in the past and maybe,
just maybe, one of their big brothers may
be trying to get even!
               Hope I'm wrong and that all
your NEWS is good!


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