Friday, May 13, 2022


    SATURDAY, ,MAY 14, 2022


   When it comes to inventors the names

Edison and Bell come to most people's

minds. But I'll wager few of you ever heard

of Bob Chesebrough! Bob was a chemist who

clarified kerosene from the oil of Sperm

Whales. When he heard that oil had been

discovered Titusville, Pennsylvania he

wondered if any other products might be

created from this new fuel. That's when

he heard about "rod wax," a residue that

had to be cleaned periodically from the oil

rig pumps. He decided to check it out and

quickly learned that some of the workers

used the residue to heal cuts and burns.

Bob took samples of the rod wax back to

the laboratory and got a patent on his new

product which he called Vaseline! You may

have some around your house...just in case!

Hope you do, and that all your NEWS is


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