Thursday, November 8, 2018


           SEE HOW THEY FALL!

    I believe the first time I heard the term
"Domino Effect" was about the time Castro
made it clear  Cuba was embracing
Communism. The prevailing fear was
that one country falling would lead to
other nearby countries falling.
      While the term was new to me the
practice was not. I used to play dominos
with my grandmother. After our games
I often set up a long line of the numbered
blocks so I could watch them fall one
after the other when I toppled the first
       Little did I know how seriously
people take the domino effect. I found
out there is a Domino Day! It's today.....
sometimes! The "holiday" is sometimes
observed on the 2nd Friday of November
and sometimes on the 2nd Saturday.
       It was first organized in 1998 in the
 Netherlands. Each year builders set up
long rows of dominos, usually in unique
patterns, then watch to see if they'll all
fall in an artistic order.
        They still observe the day in many
countries and the last record successful
"domino drop" I've seen reported was
in 2009 in the Netherlands when they toppled
4,491,863 dominos! I used to feel pretty
good when I dropped a dozen set up in
a straight line!
         I think I always enjoyed setting up
then knocking down dominos more than
playing the actual domino game. Maybe
it's a "boy thing."
         Anyhow it's still cold outside so
if you've got a box of dominos why not
celebrate by getting them out, setting
them up, then going for the domino
          Have a blast! Hope all your NEWS
is good!


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