Wednesday, November 24, 2021



                    TURKEY TOM?

      Turkey has become the traditional

Thanksgiving dinner for most Americans.

Yet we're not really sure if it was a part of

the menu on that first Thanksgiving in 1621.

The only two know documents from the

period do indicate that turkey hunting was

good that year. But, chances are, the main

meal was fresh deer meat. We do know that

native Americans brought several to the feast.

There was fish as well. Cod from the nearby

shore. And "flint" a native American type of

corn. That Thanksgiving feast lasted three

days! But Thanksgiving didn't become an

annual holiday for many years afterwards.

Abe Lincoln declared it a holiday in 1863

but it didn't become an official Federal

holiday until 1941. By the way my idea of

getting a head start and cooking the bird

in my microwave was nixed by my wife.

I don't know  what she was worried about.

I had bread, strawberry jam, and peanut

butter set aside in case my plan didn't

work. I'll probably have some Thanksgiving

night when I'm hungrey again! Happy 

Thanksgiving Blog readers and I hope all

your NEWS is good!    

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