Friday, August 5, 2022



            WAS HE THERE?

   I appreciate all the comments that come

in on my blogs each and every day! I've noticed
that some of you like my travel stories and many
seen to like it when I'm writing about history/
   This blog has both!
    My wife and I were in Tamagua on recently.
We visited the Odd Fellow's Cemetery where
William Heath is buried.
      "Billy" Heath has a fascinating story! His
family moved to Tamaqua in Schuylkill County.
He ran into some trouble and decided to run off
and join the Army!
         Unfortunately trouble went along with
him! Soon after enlisting Bill found himself
being sent into battle! He was wounded but
managed to get himself away from the
          He found someone to help him with
his wounds but after he recovered he refused
to go back to the army! Instead he went back
to Tamaqua where he and his wife raised 7 children.
          There are two monuments baring William
Heath's name. One is his tombstone in the
Odd Fellows Cemetery in Tamaqua The other
is in Colorado where his name is among
those of other soldiers killed in action at the
battle of the Little Big Horn!
           William "Billy" Heath claimed to have
survived Custer's Last Stand!   
            The story is, of course, controversial
but there is some evidence that supports his
             Hope you're well and that all your
NEWS is good! . 

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