Thursday, May 13, 2021


    FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021

           TEEING OFF!

     Don't go getting your foursome

together. You'll need five more for

this outing. You see it's baseball

season and T-ball is underway! My

grandson signed up for a team this

season. It's is first experience with

"Baseball" and that's the case with

all the kids on his team. Here they'll

learn some basics like where's first

base is and how to swing the bat and

field, well try to field, a ground ball.

I watched them at there first practice

and my mine wandered back to this

very week in 1955 when my baseball

hero, Mickey Mantle, hit three consecutive

home runs of over 436 feet ! And I wonder,

will some Mickey Mantle be waiting to

be discovered after learning about baseball

in T-ball? Who knows? But the boys and

girls of summer are back and they're

having fun like they're suppose to do!

Hope you're well and that all your NEWS

is good!


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