Friday, March 17, 2023


    SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2023


   Today we remember an are tragedy that

led to a popular song! It was on this day in

1965 that driver Gene Sesky was driving

his loaded truck into Scranton. Family

members said the clutch gave out as Sesky

was headed down the steep Moosic Street

which prevented him from shifting into a

low gear. Sesky could have jumped but

didn't. Instead he yell to people and 

sounded the truck's air horn as he

tried to steer around traffic and people

in the area. It's estimated the truck

reached a speed of 100miles per hour

before it crashed at South Irving Avenue.

Sesky was killed instantly! Years later,

in 1974, singer Harry Chapin recounted

the crash in a song appropriately titled

"30,000 pounds of bananas!" That's

what Seky was hauling! He is remembered

as a hero for sticking with his runaway

truck in an attempt to save others. Hope

you remember and that all your NEWS

is good. 

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