Wednesday, October 9, 2019


              HOLDING THE BAG!

     I've sometimes been accused of not
knowing what I'm talking about. Today I
intend to prove it!
     This is "National Handbag Day."
     I don't usually carry a handbag. A
wallet is more my thing. But I have, on
occasion, been asked to hold my wife's
purse or to move it from one spot to
another. Men sometimes do this but
always at great risk!
       I don't know if my wife's is typical
of most handbags or purses. I do know it's
heavy! I guess it has to be. She seems
to have everything anyone would need
for survival! She frequently uses a
fold away scissors to open packages
for others or in concert with her
portable sewing kit used to make
"repairs" on the run.
      I know there's a small flashlight
attached and I believe there's an
energy bar in there as well.
      I'm reminded of a 1964 rock
song by Paul Peterson called "She
Can't find Her Keys."
      His girl in the melody finds
everything from a monkey wrench
to a garbage can, "but she can't find
her keys."
       I will admit that, while the
contents of her bag are not totally
known, she seems to know where
everything is!
        And I can't say the same for
my wallet!
        I know there have to be a
million or so types of bags or
purses. Women even go to special
Bingo games trying to win one!
         So let's hear it for the bag,
or purse. The women's version of
a tool chest!
         Hope I don't get left holding
the bag on this one and that all your
NEWS is good!


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