Monday, February 11, 2019


            ABE GETTING EVEN?

    There are a lot of schools closed around
here today. It's because of a snow and ice
storm. That's the official reason.
     But I think it may be just Abe's way of
getting even!
     You see today, February 12th,. is
Abe Lincoln's Birthday. Back in the day,
that is back in the days when I was in
school, we celebrated his birthday by
getting a day off from school.
      We did the same thing for George
Washington's birthday.
      The along came that Monday holiday
law where a number of holidays were
moved from their actual dates to a
Monday so folks would get a few
long weekends!
       The planners threw George and Abe
together (and added all the rest) in what
we now call "President's Day."
        Maybe Abe wants his day back. The
kids can think about that while they're
home because of the storm!
         Honest Abe, it wasn't my idea!
         Hope you all enjoy your day off
and that all your NEWS is good!

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