Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another Cell For Me!

     Circumstances found me shopping for a
new cell yesterday. A that is.
      This industry has come a long way in a
fairly short time.
      I clearly remember when I was asked to
do a special News promotional piece for
WYOU in which I showed off our brand new
"Bag Phone." That was a very big deal back
then! It was also a pretty big phone!
      Before that we used to have to search for
a telephone booth to call the station with news
updates or discuss our plans for covering a
     We all had two way radios. But we always
figured the competition was listening in so we
didn't want to say too much. They were of course!
Just as we listened in to their two way radio
     Now cell phones do just about everything
but fly! You can talk, text, check the web, watch
YouTube, even take your own video.
     I just wanted something simple. In fact I
would have been content with voice only. Sort
of a "Not So Smart Phone."
    But I've got one daughter, one grandson, and
one colleague who usually only communicate via
text. So, I included that feature.
       One of my grand daughters took the time
to teach me how to switch to upper case letters
(we used to call them capital letters) about two
weeks ago. Now she'll have to teach a post
graduate course on my new phone!
      The folks at the Phone Store were great
in getting my number switched to my new
      They also switched all of my contacts.
      That may have been a mistake!
      I'm beginning to realize that many of the
individuals whose numbers I stored many
years ago are no longer in the same positions.
      Several have retired. Several have left the
area. A couple are in jail and probably don't
have their phones any more! At least none of
them are dead! Not that I know of anyway.
      So, I guess the first order of business on
my Cell....will be to delete a few names and
numbers. Since my grand daughter isn't here
I may have to actually read the manual!
       Hope I've got your number and that all
of your NEWS is good!


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