Friday, June 27, 2014


     It's June 27th everybody. And that means it's
Sunglasses Day!
     They're a vital accessory on a bright Summer
day Especially if you're headed due west around
      But these days "shades" are "in" even when
the sun isn't out!
      Some folks wear them to avoid being
recognized.  Although it's common for
recognizable figures, like movie stars, to be seen
in sunglasses most any time.
       All the Secret Service guys in the movies
wear sunglasses. Of course, now that I think of
it, all the Body Guards for the Mafia kingpins
wear them too.
       Sunglasses are as important as leather
jackets for the Biker crowd. I always wore
them when I hit the road with my 90cc Honda.
That way the bugs hit the glasses instead of my
       A lot of guys, I stress the term guys, wear
them whatever the weather just to look "cool."
       Then there's those who wear them to
protect their eyes from the sun! Imagine that!
       I have a vast selection of sunglasses. That's
because I was always misplacing them...or
scratching lenses by putting the glasses in the
same pocket as keys and such.
      My wife finally got me one of those stretch
bands, like the ones baseball players have, to
let me keep the glasses hanging around my
neck when I wasn't wearing them in front of
my eyes.
      Now, they're laying around again.
      My prescription glasses have those special
lenses that darken when I'm out in the bright
sunshine. They're great. Except, of course, when
you come in from that sunshine and trip over
the things you can't see because nobody told
the glasses you're now inside!
       But, since I don't need any of those other
pairs I'm thinking of giving them to Brad Pitt
or somebody from the Secret Service.
       With a little luck they'll be enough
sunshine today so we can all celebrate by
looking like movie stars or Secret Agents!
        Hope you're designer shades are
ready and that all your NEWS is good!

(For clarification, the second photo is that
of Brad Pitt. The first one is me! The third,,
well he's Secret Service so that's secret!)



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