Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Day On The Chain Gang!

  I am sore today!
  It is the result of my labor on the
Chain Gang yesterday!
  Allow me to explain.
  One of my daughters bought a house.
She is now in the process of clearing
out her old house so it can be put on
the market.
   She and her family moved into the
new place a couple weeks ago.
   And yet, with the exception of
actual furniture, the old place seems
filled with "things" accumulated over
the past dozen years or so.
    Unfortunately some of those things,
about a ton or so, were in an upstairs
    My wife, being a "planner", decided
the best way to haul the load downstairs
would be to form a Chain Gang so the
items could be passed from one person
to another until they reached the first
     I was initially sentenced...I mean
stationed...on the first floor. I'd take
the boxes, books, and other bundles
from my other daughter to any spot I
found open.
      Well, almost any spot. You see in
addition to passing the items from
daughter, to wife, to other daughter,
to me, there were instructions!
       Some items were to be placed on
the left of the room for eventual
shipment to the new house. Other items
were to go to the right for today's
massive Yard Sale.
       The need to decipher left or right
prohibited my wife's participation on
the first floor since she frequently has
trouble distinguishing the difference
between those two.
       Of course by the time all the items
 were transferred it was hard for anyone
to determine where left ended and right
       I came away a little sore and very
thankful I was elsewhere the day they
did the attic!
       Hope no one in the family every
moves again and that all your NEWS
is good!

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