Monday, June 30, 2014

Jeter And Me!

   I thought it was about time to make it official.
   I have decided this will be my final year as
a "pick up game" Softball pitcher.
   Derek Jeter and I are both retiring.
   Derek and I have a lot in common.
   We both have baseball gloves and wear  a
baseball cap!
   Our "stats," of course, vary just a bit.
   Derek began playing ball as a Little
Leaguer. He is now in his 20th year in the
Big Leagues.
    I didn't begin playing organized ball
until around 1959 when somebody talked
me into coming out to a Church League
Fast pitch Softball game.
    I started out playing first base and, at
first, was a power hitter. I hit a Home Run
in each of my first three games!
    Later I tried pitching and actually threw
a three hit shut out in a league play off
    Unfortunately they put me back on the
mound the following day! I kept watching
the ball sail over my outfielder's heads!
    Fast pitch eventually turned to Slow
pitch league play. And. years later I found
myself pitching whenever the TV station
could get a game with some other team,
usually for the benefit of some charity.
   I'm 71 now and there was only one year
I can recall when there wasn't at least a few
games on the schedule.
   That's longer than Roger Clements or
even Satchel Page!
    My Win/Loss record wasn't the best,
although there was that one year when  the
WYOU team won all but one game! Our
only loss came in a tournament when we
played the Marines who actually came onto
the field in their combat boots and did
calisthenics before the game!
    I was personally convinced they had a
sniper somewhere in the stands!
    I've long since stopped hitting Home Runs.
    When lucky enough to make it to First base
I call for a runner to take my place. Running
is a term that has generally disappeared from
my vocabulary. I have this thing about
liking to breath!
     So, I made the decision that, like Jeter,
this would be my final year.
     Of course the only invitation I received
thus far is from my WBRE/WYOU team
which was trying to schedule a game on the
very day my family and I leave for the Jersey
Shore! I've decided on the shore!
      If there's no other chance the record
keepers will have to go back to last season
when we won the only game we played,
and I was on the mound!
     If that's the case at least I'll go out a
     Unlike Derek, however, I guess there will
be no 'Farewell Tour" with gifts and good
      Of course I won't rule out a comeback!
      Hope you always "know the score" and
that all of your NEWS is good!


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