Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just When I Thought I was Out!

    "Just when I thought I was out, they
pull me back in!"
     I had to wonder if that quote from
Michael Corleone in "The Godfather
III" might have been going through my
buddy's mind when we fired up the
lights and the camera for my weekly
program on Electric City Television
     It's been a couple years....OK....
maybe more.....since Barry Finn sat
in a TV studio.
     But he bravely accepted my
invitation to serve as co-host for my
program "ECTV Live" which airs
several times each day on Comcast Ch
19 in northeastern Pennsylvania.
     Barry and I worked together, but not
usually physically together on Ch 22 for
many years.
     Barry was a Meteorologist. Most of us
us call them Weathermen.
     I was a reporter. Most people thought
I was a weatherman because I always
seemed to be reporting in the middle of
nowhere from a spot where the snow was
three feet deep and rising and the temperature
was about 3 degrees and falling.
     After my report I'd throw it back to the
studio (the warm studio I should mention)
where one of the forecasters would stand in
front of a map and tell you when the storm
was expected to end and how much snow we
might get.
      Barry was one of the weather guys who
liked to go out in the field.
      Of course the weather guys didn't
usually have to ask questions.
      So, in a sense, I suppose my invitation
to appear on our "talk show" could have
been a real challenge for some forecasters.
      But Barry is an "old school Pro" and,
as it turns out, can ask a good  question
just as easily as giving you the temperature!
      It was great to get him back on the tube
for my show which airs about a dozen times
during the week. He was a real "Hit", and not
in "The Godfather" sense of the word!
      I intend to ask him back!
      Hope it's an offer he can't refuse and that
all of your NEWS is good!

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