Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Listen My Children and You Shall Hear!

   There are a million sounds to be heard
along the visit the famous Boardwalk in
North Wildwood and Wildwood, New Jersey.
   You may or may not pay attention to
the vendors trying to lure you to their
water gun games or dinner specials.
   You will almost certainly be annoyed
by the constant repetition of the Mister
Softy jingle.  But only as you pass the
two stands located on the Boardwalk.
   But you can bet your lucky dollar
you will hear Floss Stingel when her
voice calls out to you!
   Who is Floss Stingel you may ask?
   Well, she's the local resident who
recorded the line "Watch The Tram Car
Please!" It's been replayed thousands of
times each day since 1971!
     I don't know what they did without
her? The Tram Cars have been driving
the Boardwalk and dodging preoccupied
tourists since 1949!
    You wouldn't want to get bumped by
this yellow and blue beauty! The
trackless train runs on 36 volt DC battery
that weighs 2,000 pounds!
    It hasn't changed much through the
years. Although the original price of a
dime a ride has crawled up to three bucks
these days.
    I was actually thinking of home when
I rode it this week. I heard the attendant
push a buzzer every time a passenger
got on board and, sure enough, there was
one passenger for each buzz! No "Ghost
riders" here at the shore!
     Hope you get to take a ride, know when
to step aside, and that all of your NEWS is




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