Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Breaking The Bank!

  It's a first for me! I never actually saw anybody
breaking into a bank before...and without masks
or guns!
  Yesterday a demolition crew began the job of
ripping down an old Bank building near one of
the major intersections in Plains Township.
   A lot of sidewalk superintendents, myself
included, showed up to take pictures of the work.
   Within a few hours comments about the project
were being posted on Facebook. Of the first 50,
more than half came from people using terms
like "sad" and "terrible" or lamenting the fact
the building wasn't restored and turned into
something else like a restaurant, youth center,
or preforming arts theater.
    Several referred to the structure as a
"Landmark." A few suggested it's classic
architecture should have been preserved.
     It had not been used as a bank for many, many,
years. Most recently it served as an annex outlet
for a sneaker and sports clothes store that's just
across the street. I bought some Softball pants
there. That's kind of "historic."
     I can't be sure how many of the disappointed
individuals shopped in the place when last it was
open. Or, for that matter, how many of them kept
accounts there when it was an active bank.
    I'm also not sure how many know the ceiling
part of the "classic  architecture" was falling
in and that main support girders were disintegrating
in the basement! The Vault was probably good.
But empty!
    I suppose it could have been saved and renovated
had previous owners wanted to pour a couple
million dollars into an old structure with no parking.
    As far as its being a "landmark" I suppose that's
true. I certainly knew which corner I was on when
I saw the old building. I don't suppose, however,
its absence will get me lost!
    I approve of saving classic old buildings when
it's affordable and when they can be used from
some new purpose.
    Maybe if all those concerned people were willing
to contribute to a Building Restoration Fund the old
place could have been renovated!?
Just buy new steel, put in a new floor and roof and
a couple Golden Arches and you'd have a brand new
McDonalds!!!!! Or whatever else they wanted!
     Think they'd be willing to chip in?
     I wouldn't "Bank" on it!
     Hope they double checked that Vault....and that
all your NEWS is good!


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