Friday, July 25, 2014

All Before Sun Down!

  We had a busy day on vacation yesterday
and ended it with our annual trip to Sunset
Beach just off Cape May.
   The folks there have a moving ceremony
at day's end. They lower a U.S. Flag as the
National Anthem and Taps are played, then
present it to the family members of a service
man or woman in honor of the service.
   It's worth the trip.
   But it's not the only reason to some to
Sunset Beach.
   I enjoy viewing the remains of a concrete
ship that got loose in a storm many years
ago and beached itself here. It doesn't look
like a ship anymore. Time and tides have
taken their toll.
    But it's kind of neat to see the wreckage.
    Think of it! A ship made out of cement!
It's the kind of idea I would have come up
with! They actually floated! But they
couldn't outrun a snail, much less a torpedo!
     We had a brief run in with JAWS while
we were there! A man fishing in the surf
just out a bit from where kids (including my
grandson) stick their feet in the water, pulled
in a shark!
      Well, it wasn't exactly JAWS. But it was
a shark! A Sand shark. Nobody called for a
"bigger boat" this time and a little kid tossed
it back into the waves. I'm just hoping the
fisherman took a moment to tell the kid those
tiny teeth are just a sharp as the ones in the
"big guy" in the movie!
      Sunset Beach is also know by some people
as "Diamond Beach." The stones, rather than
sand, that make up the shore line here are round
and smooth from the constant massage they get
in the rolling surf! And some take the form of
tiny diamonds which are treasured by many
visitors. I find it handy to keep my sneakers
on so the rocks don't hurt my feet!
     Of course the biggest treasure here is the
Sun set itself! The beach faces due west and
the view is fantastic. Sort of the day's last
chance at a good sun burn!
     Hope you've got a good spot like that and
that all your NEWS is good!

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