Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sea Sights and Scents!

       MONDAY, JULY 21ST
  I headed out for my usual two mile
constitutional yesterday morning. But
this time my walk took me to the famous
Wildwood Boardwalk!
  For those who have never experienced
this two and a half mile wooden wonder
it's a lot like a giant Bloomsburg Fair
that runs all summer long!
  I was greeted with the strong scent of'
salt in the air, magnified by the 20 plus
mile per hour breeze roaring in from
the northwest. The Atlantic, of course,
furnished the salt air.
   But as I neared the long string of
shops that make of the western side of
the Boardwalk the salt aroma was
overtaken by the scent of fresh fried
   You see, in the morning, the
Boardwalk is filled with people
walking, jogging, riding bicycles
(of every unique description) or
otherwise using the attraction for
exercise. That, of course, makes them
prime targets for the restaurants which
cook up breakfast "specials" to cash in
on the crowds!
    And if breakfast isn't your thing, no
need to worry! There's more pizza
places on the Boardwalk than bars
in your town. And there's as many
Fudge shops as pizza places!
    I allowed the strong wind to blow
me away from the temptations and
back to our apartment.
    Of course that was yesterday and,
as the song title reminds us , "Yesterdays
    Hope I can hold out today, and that
all your NEWS is good!

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