Sunday, July 6, 2014

Celebrating Our Fifth!

  We celebrated the 5th yesterday!
  Admittedly our happiness was
mixed with a few melancholy tears.
  What's so melancholy about the
5th you may ask? It's because I'm
not writing about the date. But, rather,
our trusty 5th Wheeler!
    Yesterday my wife and I sold our
5th Wheel Travel Trailer.
     Of course, in our case, the term
"travel trailer" was a bit of a misnomer.
 We never traveled anywhere in it!
 We always traveled to it!
     We bought it, in place at an area
campground, 10 years ago from a guy
named "Buck." He was a fine old
gentleman who really enjoyed the place
but had some health issues.
     Ironically we found some of Buck's
medicine when we were cleaning the
place out last week. It was from some
Pharmaceutical Company called
"Jim Beam."  Now that I think of it, it
may have been a fifth! We were tempted to
take a "dose" in his honor. But, since we
were about to drive away, our
sentimentality was tempered by our need
to adhere to Pennsylvania's Open
Container Law!
     We spent many pleasant days with
family and friends enjoying hot dogs on
the grill, fishing, boating, or just sitting
round a campfire.
     My wife and I especially enjoyed an
occasional fall or early winter visit to the
camper where we sat inside watching a
movie or, better yet, gazing at the view
from the large window that highlighted
the unit.
     We envisioned spending far more
time there when we retired. But, since
that happened, we've been busier than ever!
Instead of having more time to enjoy the
camper we've found ourselves committed
to other activities including travel to many
exciting destinations that don't require a
     There were financial considerations too.
 Lot rent, launching fees for my two yachts
 (a paddle and an 8 foot Jon boat), entrance
 fee for any guests, and  other assorted bills.
     When we divided the cost by the times
we've been able to go we realized that
Disney World is cheaper........... per visit!   
      Fortunately we found a young couple
who plan to gaze through our favorite
window at another location !We were
happy to turn our keys over to them!
      We'll still have the view, without the
window, through the remainder of this
season. After that, who knows? Maybe
Disney World!
       Hope you've got a good view of things
and that all your NEWS is good!


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