Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Rough Day

    My grand daughter once asked me.."What
do you do when you're retired?"
    My wife and I tried to explain that we do
a lot of things, including spending time with
our grand children. "But what about when
we're not here" she asked.
    We got the feeling she felt we might just
be sitting around when she, or the other
grand kids weren't with us.
     Ah contraire!
     Yesterday's retirement schedule began
with a two mile walk.
     After a brisk shower and a quick
breakfast of Cheerios we hit the road with
two good friends to check out a new
miniature golf course for an hour or so.
     Admittedly miniature golf can be tough
on retired people. You're got to bend over
to get your ball out of the hole!
     The match was followed by a two hour
cruise on Lake Wallenpaupack aboard my
friend's 22 foot Pontoon Boat. This, too, can
be a challenge as it's sometimes hard to stay
awake while sailing on a slowly rocking
craft under the bright sunshine.
     Then it was off to dinner at a popular
area restaurant/
     Lest you think the day was all leisure,
we did stop at our campsite where we
hand carried a year's supply of firewood
to one of our neighbors.
     Back home for the evening we enjoyed
the concert sounds echoing through the air
from the nearby Mohegan Sun Casino.
     Yep. Another rough day in the life of
the "Rocking Chair folks!"
      Hope we didn't wear you out..and that
all your NEWS is good!

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