Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Tript To The Twilight Zone!

   I stepped into the Twilight Zone this
week! Sort of!
   It began with a troubling dream on
Monday night. I don't usually remember
dreams. But in the middle of this one I
developed a "Charlie Horse" in my leg
that forced me to jump out of bed in an
attempt to relieve the pain.
   I remember dreaming that my old friend
and former colleague John Perry had died!
   John was a popular anchor/reporter at
the old WDAU TV in the 70's and 80's,
and, as Hazleton natives, we became fast
   John moved to Florida many years
back. But we had maintained occasional
contact. But the dream made me realize I
hadn't talked with John in many months so,
I decided to do it first thing Tuesday!
    I followed through with my plan. But
my call was answered by some woman who
insisted I had the wrong number and had
never heard of John. It was the same number
I had used to reach John on prior calls.
    I wondered if a Goggle search might help
me find a new contact number for John.
    But I wasn't prepared for what it did
provide! It was an obituary! A very short
obituary which didn't provide enough
information to verify this was my old friend!
    I called the Funeral home. But it was after
hours. The person who answered said I'd
have to call back again in the morning so
she could check her records.
    Disappointed, and still upset by the dream
I again followed trough and called back
     They confirmed that John Perry had
passed away on March 28th. BUT this
"John Perry" had been born in New England,
not Hazleton. Right name. Wrong guy!
     I finally located John's nephew who
assured me my friend was alive and well!
He provided an email address and I wrote to
John  to recount my dream, and my search
for information.
     John replied with his NEW phone number
and a quote from Mark Twain who, upon
learning that someone had reported him dead,
said "Reports of my death are premature!"
     Hope your friends are well, your phone
numbers are right, and that all your NEWS
is good!

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