Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Joining The Army!

   I have been on several missions for
the army over the past few weeks. They
are not secret and I have not come under
   My orders come right from the top!
My wife. She's the one who sent me to
the army......the Salvation Army!
    After cleaning out the camper we
sold, my home began to look like a
Walmart Warehouse! We didn't
realize how many "things" we
accumulated over the past ten years!
    They were all needed, at one time
or another. But once we brought them
home the bulk of them were just taking
up space.
     My wife's plan of attack involved
separating, offering, then disposing!
     Once separated we kept the few
items we wanted or needed, offered
others to family and friends, then
loaded the rest in our van for the
convoy to "Sally's." I'm a sort of
Veteran having made a similar run
for my daughter recently.
     My van holds a fair amount. We
filled it twice! And I'm not sure I'm
done yet! 
     The poor guy who helps unload at
our nearby Thrift Store probably cringed
when he saw me pulling up again!
     I suppose we could have had a Yard
Sale. But I'm not sure the Lackawanna
County Stadium is available for such
     Besides, this way the folks who shop
the Thrift Store will find some nice
merchandise in very good condition!
     Hope you'll find some bargains and
that all your NEWS is good!

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