Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Golden Oldies!

   Cleveland Ohio hosts the Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame. There are a lot of reasons
why I believe it should be located here in
Wildwood, New Jersey!
    This popular resort has all the history
to qualify for the honor.
    Unfortunately, most people probably
don't even realize its here!
     Pacific Avenue is just two blocks away
from the Boardwalk and beach. But while
some people drive on it, very few people
walk along this musically historical
street these days. Many of the old
nightclubs that featured live artists "back
in the day" are gone now. But the street
should be a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!
     There's a plaque on the side of one
building marking the place where Chubby
Checker first did "The Twist!
     The Wildwoods (North Wildwood,
Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest) try to
capitalize on their ties to the 50's. But
my walk along Pacific Avenue yesterday
had me humming "The Day The Music Died!"
     If you look at the sidewalk, instead of
the empty store fronts, you'll see a string
of blocks dedicated to various stars from
the heart of the rock era.
     Dion, The Beach Boys, The Grass Roots,
The Duprees, The Crystals, and each of
"The Monkeys" just to name a few!
     It's like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
     But it looks like somebody forgot it's
     If they can't revitalize the street they
should consider moving the tribute blocks
to the Boardwalk and, perhaps, add some
informational plaques here and there as
     The music's till playing from several
Oldie stations in the area. And the people,
a lot of them anyway (me included) are
still tuning in. Heck, I played these oldies
when they were new!
     "Wild, Wild, Wildwood Days" is heard
more here than the National Anthem!
     Hope they find a way to show off their
history and hope all of your NEWS is good.

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