Friday, July 11, 2014

‘Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall’

  I've been thinking about President
Reagan's famous speech at the base of
the Berlin Wall when he challenged
the leader of the former Soviet Union
to tear down the barrier between East
and West Berlin.
   A little over two years later demolition
   My wife could have brought it down
much sooner!
    The mobile home just behind ours
was abandoned a long time ago. The
owners were evicted and left behind
a dilapidated unit that's suppose to be
demolished in the near future.
    A wooden fence that stood
between our properties was also left
behind. It was do dilapidated it was
was about ready to fall and certainly
posed a danger to anybody walking
or parking near it.
    I found it disassembled a couple of
weeks ago and my wife with a smile
on her face. Maybe it just fell as she
watched. Maybe.
    Yesterday, we set up a better
    We picked out an attractive length
of white chain that will mark the
line without blocking the view!
     Of course we won't have a great
view until the old place and the remains
of the wooden fence are disposed of.
    Hope Gorbachev, or who ever is in
charge,hears our plea!
     And, as always, hoe all your NEWS
is good!

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