Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Lot Of Hot Air!

   I was actually trying to get cool.
   I ended up frying to do so.
   That new used car I told you about
yesterday has an air conditioning system
that will freeze your hands when it's on
full blast.
    The system in my van, on the other
hand, will only make you slightly
cooler if all the windows are down and
you're able to maintain 65 miles per
hour or better.
     But Wait!
     I saw a TV ad for this stuff you're
suppose to be able to install yourself to
breath new life into an old auto AC
system. It has to be true! It was on the
     Well, yesterday I found some at
      In was in the Automotive Department.
      That's generally appropriate..except
if you figure out the cost per pound I might
have put it in with the steaks.
       The directions looked pretty simple,
even for me.
       You attach this hose, with a little
meter on it, to a valve on your air conditioning
system. Fortunately there was a picture of
the valve which helped me locate it fairly
       If the meter dial is in the green section
your system needs to be charged. Mine was
definitely in the green.
       At that point you attach the bottle of
magic stuff to the other end of the hose
and spray it into the valve. You check the
meter occasionally to make sure you're
not over charging the system.
     Of course that valve is located about
6 inches above the top of the engine.
     Since the car is suppose to be running
while you're holding the hose and the
bottle, you soon discover that whether the
AC is being charged or not....your hand
is FRYING!!!!
      I did several applications over a period
of time to allow my hand to cool off.
      The air conditioning system is cooler
than it was before, although not actually
"cold" so I may have to give in another
     First I'm going to find a pair of gloves.
    Hopefully I'll need them inside the car
after I use them in the engine compartment!
     Hope everything turns out "cool" and
that all your NEWS is good! 

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