Saturday, July 19, 2014

How I Got Belted!

  I suppose I shouldn't have had that small
bag of Doritos after our game of mini golf.
  We were about to board my friend's
Pontoon Boat for a cruise on the lake when
I felt my belt suddenly come loose!
   The leather had actually torn or pulled
away from the small metal piece that holds
it near the buckle. I figured I have to spend
the rest of the day with one hand on the top
of my jeans....just in case.
    My wife took one look at the broken
belt and, without a bit of hesitation, said
something I've probably heard her say a
hundred times. No! It wasn't "What did
you break now." What she said was "I
can fix that!"
    Now keep in mind, we're sitting on a
boat in the middle of a lake!
     She reached into her purse, which I'm
beginning to suspect was made by
Craftsman, and pulled out a small device
which, at first glance, looked like a pen.
    When she opened it, however, you
could see several sets of tiny screwdriver
type heads that fit into the top of  the unit.
     She found the right size, opened 4 small
screws, threaded the end of the belt into
place and tightened the screws.
     I worked! I had been belted!
     My wife has more magic in that purse
that in any of David Copperfield's hats!
Of course she was a Girl Scout Leader!
     I'm convinced that, had she been on
board the Titanic, the ship would never
have sunk!
     Thanks to her efforts I was able to
conclude our cruise with my head, and
pants, held high!
      Hope your motto is "Be Prepared"
and that all your NEWS is good.

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