Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Up In The World!

   Our family is on vacation!
   For more years than anybody can
remember the DeCosmo's extended
clan have come to Wildwood, New
Jersey for a week in he Summer.
    I don't want to sat how long I've
come here. But my first "remembered"
visit coincided with some ceremonies
aboard the USS Missouri!
    The specific locations have varied
from year to year, especially as the
size of our group has grown.
     This year features a brand new
condo complex.
      I was so anxious to see it I got
up at 4am and was in the car before
5:30 to beat all that Philadelphia
      Unfortunately we couldn't get
in the place till 2pm so, rather than
sitting in traffic on the Schuylkill
Expressway, we sat in front of the
new place for several hours waiting
for "Check In" time.
      The place is beautiful. is on the third floor!
      That requires hauling a weeks
supply a
long flight of steps.
       The task was made a little
easier by virtue of an elevator
that goes from the garage to our
       Of course it's not the kind of
elevator you would find in the
Hilton. One person and a good load
of bags fill it pretty quickly. And
one would have to admit you can
probably climb that steep flight of
stairs faster than you can go up in
the "lift."
       Still, we made good use of
the unit and I was happy to arrive
on our floor.
       I did a double take, however,
when I saw the spiral staircase climbing
up still higher in the unit. Another
flight, without any assistance would
be, to me, like climbing Everest.
       Fortunately I was informed that
a couple other family members would
be stationed at the summit.
       I understand it leads to a beautiful
room. Hopefully someone will bring
me a photo so I can see it!
      Hope it's all downhill from here
and that all your NEWS is good.


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