Monday, July 7, 2014

The Bombs Bursting In Air!

   I'm happy to report to Francis Scott Key,
and everyone else, that our Star Spangled
Banner yet waves! There have been plenty
of people waving it over the last few days
as we celebrated the 4th of July!
    We even heard our National Anthem
sung at a wedding reception on Saturday
night. A little unusual. But very appreciated!
     Most of us got a chance to see the Rocket's
Red Glare at anyone of the many community
fireworks displays that began the day before
Independence Day!
     But now,a few thoughts about the Bombs
Bursting In Air!
     How is it, in a State that has so many
regulations about firecrackers, that our days
and nights continue to echo with the
reverberation of explosions that, in some
cases, shake our windows? Long about 1am
they surely shake us!
     Could I be the only person that does
not have a cache of Cherry Bombs, M80s,
or Quarter sticks?
     Not that I'd want them!
     My personal use of exploding devices
with short fuses ended many years ago when
the mail slot flipped shut a second before I
was able to toss my Cherry Bomb out onto
the front porch to celebrate our independence!
      I was at least, able to get it a few inches
away from my hand which limited the damage
to something akin to "Shell Shock."
     Perhaps it's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
that has me jumping a bit every time a neighbor
sets off whatever they're exploding this week.
     And that's another thing. I can understand
the skyrockets and blasts on July 4th or even
the day before of after. But we've been hearing
the booms for at least a week. And, if last year
is any indication, they'll be going off for at least
another week.
     Lately some folks have either been saving
some of their ammunition or buying a new
supply for a number of other holidays! I suspect
Labor Day has already been targeted!
     Hope you've got a long fuse or a quiet
neighborhood....and that all of your NEWS
is good!


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