Friday, July 25, 2014

What A Blast !


   All of you regular readers have spent
the fast week with my family and me in
Wildwood, New Jersey!
   I hope you got some sense as to just how
great a week it was!
   The weather was great! One day started
out dark and threatening and, by mid
afternoon, turned into another sunny and
enjoyable day!
   So, how do you finish a week like that?
   In our case we started with Sticky Buns!
My son-in-law sought them out (he's become
very good at that) and surprise everyone
with two boxes for breakfast! Given the
size of our crew the buns, as cut, would not
have divided evenly. In order to avoid any
conflict I sacrificed myself and ate two.
    Next we paid our last visit to the
Atlantic for the season (At least on this
side. We're due in Ireland in August).
     While no icebergs were seen our
initial im
mersion suggested there are
still some out there somewhere!
      After just a few minutes we became
used to the water temperature and
enjoyed some time in the water. You
don't really "swim" in the ocean. You
just take on the waves and hope to stay
on top of them.
     We did get some actual swimming in
too. But that was done in the pool at our
apartment complex. It's a small pool. But
when the others tenants saw our group
come they gradually got out and went
away. Sometimes its good to have loud
kids around!
     Some of us took a final walk along
the Boardwalk where the kids bought
some shirts. They tell me they negotiated
and got "bargain" prices. I hope they're
      My main purpose, other than bidding
farewell to the two and a half mile stretch
of T Shirt outlets, ice cream stands,
amusement rides, and games of chance
(little chance at hat), was to indulge in
a container of Curley Fries! Maybe it's
the Boardwalk, or the salt air, but no other
French fries can satisfy me quite as much
as these over priced fried potatoes!
     The week, enjoyed by our whole
family, really was a blast. And so, to
cap it off we stayed in town long enough to
see the Friday night Fireworks show!
      Hope you've enjoyed the week with
us, through the Blog, and that all your
NEWS is good!



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