Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All Hands On Deck!

   My wife and I and two of our best friends
spent the better part of yesterday "on deck!"
   Actually, our task was to take a deck apart!
   Of course all I know about decks is that
you're suppose to sit on them. Usually with
friends and a favorite brew.
    This particular deck was already in place
when we bought our camper some ten years
ago. I don't know who built it. But I suppose
it didn't just "grow" there.
     My wife did some extensive beautification
work last year, coating the entire 8 by 22 foot
surface with some sort of neat stuff that the
weather ate up during this past winter!
     Usually I'm pretty good at taking things
apart. Except, in my case, it's usually by
      In order to try to avoid any of those,
accidents that is, I'm usually not allowed to
handle tools. Certainly nothing sharp!
      Fortunately my buddy is not only good
with tools..he seems to own at least one of
anything you might possibly need for any
particular job.
      His plan involved sawing the deck into
sections and then stacking them for some
future owner who might want to reassemble
the parts. He brought his Power saw along
to do the job.
      I was not allowed to help with the sawing.
      I was asked to help with the stacking.
      Each of us lifted one corner of the
individual sections to carry it to the designated
stacking point. My corner seemed to be heavier
than the others, although my companions
suggested it had more to do with age than weight.
I don't see why the wood in my corner would be
any older than the wood in theirs!
       Anyhow, after hours of sawing, removing
nails and screws, lifting, and stacking, the deck
is now set aside in neat parts, waiting to serve
someone, somewhere else.
       I have returned home with all fingers and
toes in tact and basically unharmed...except for
the large band aid covering the cut and bruises
where my screen door hit me the other day.
     NO...I wasn't working on it at the time!    
     Hope I get to try the saw someday...and that
all your NEWS is good!   

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