Tuesday, November 14, 2017


                         DEER ME!

    I caught an interesting story on WNEP
Tuesday about the enormous number of
vehicles damaged in collisions recently.
All of those run ins involved deer!
     According to the story some areas in
the Poconos have a shortage of rental
cars because the available inventory is
being used by folks who have already
encountered deer in their headlights!
       I can understand. I've had at least
two instances that could be considered
close calls with deer over the past month
or so. And that doesn't include the animals
I've gone by as they grazed just off the berm.
        I hit a deer a few years back. I was
driving along Interstate 80 and had just
passed a tractor trailer when the animal
ran towards my left front bumper!
        I might have been able to avoid it
had that 18 wheeler not still been coming
up on my right. It was the deer or the
tractor trailer! Sorry Bambi!
        I was lucky enough to be in my old
Chevy Suburban during my encounter.
There was some damage but nothing all
that major. Except to the deer of course!
        The same collision in our small
family sedan probably would have
ended in a draw with both "sides"
         The same outcome would have
been likely if I had been driving my
Miata. In that case, however, the deer
probably could have cleared my vehicle
with a short leap. Of course the outcome
for him, or her, would likely have been
the same with the tractor trailer coming
along in the other lane.
          WNEP's report seemed to indicate
we were 2nd on a list of States where
car vs. deer collisions take place. I'm not
surprised by that. We've got more deer
than political signs along our highways!
            So let's be careful out there!
            If you've got to have venison
you can go to Arby's.
            Hope you're safe on the road
and that all your NEWS is good!

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